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Innocent World’s Andrea JSK in wine/bordeaux


"When the hedgehog saw the hare, he wished him a friendly good morning. The hare, however, who was in his own way a distinguished gentleman, and terribly arrogant about it, did not answer the hedgehog’s greeting, but instead said to the hedgehog, in a terribly sarcastic manner, ‘How is it that you are running around in the field so early in the morning?’"

— excerpt from “The Hare and the Hedgehog” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress, socks: Juliette et Justine
blouse, parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
necklace: Alice and the Pirates
skirt: Victorian Maiden 

Happy holidays, everyone! ♥


We had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous yourpervert for a style inspiration photoshoot


Two of my best friends stayed with me for the last week of term at uni. For our second day together, we went to the university botanic gardens and had a picnic so I wanted to wear something suitably summery with my handmade bonnet~



[three photos of a tiny little mouse sitting atop a dandelion seed puffball]

no one is allowed to be sad today


Art-Loli (Artistic Lolita)

Lolita fashion has been evolving in recent years being divided into a pop sect and classical sect. Presently, both sects are gradually placing more emphasis on decoration. However, this trend is not limited to Lolita fashion and is common in all fashion styles. Classical Lolita styles are filled with artistic quality in the areas of colors, patterns, and materials with an increase in people adorning a mature décor. This style has transcended normal fashion and is being called a walking art form. This installment of NEW TRIBE features those wearing artistic outfits among the Lolita fashion freaks who attended the Brilliant Star ☆ Decorations held at Sanrio Puroland on Saturday, April 12th. Cooperation: Sanrio Puroland BK-Brillian Kingdom Brilliant Star☆Decorations


Eri9ri9non9bear in Aurora OP

Pirate Print Tattoo Tights$26.00 USD


Pirate Print Tattoo Tights
$26.00 USD



hyper japan coord! Decided to wear a long sleeved OP on the hottest day of the year.

OP - Lief
Bow and rosette - From Sweet Mildred, thank you for making these on short notice, I really loved them
Tights - TejaJamilla
hoes - topshop
bag - Amilya